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Gemstone Meanings and Symbolism

Amethyst crystal meaning

Amethyst is a tender and loving stone that can help many parts of the spiritual self. It comes in shades of purple from pale lavender to deep violet. Amethyst has a high vibrational frequency and helps us to open our hearts and minds to others. Some people find that amethyst helps them to identity the true cause of any problems they are encountering.  It has cleansing and calming properties that can help you to feel more content and to find freedom from what has been worrying you.

Amethyst crystal uses

  • Aids meditation and sleep
  • Compassion and love
  • Combats negative atmosphere pollution
  • Prosperity for businesses
  • Provides assistance during times of high stress
  • Recovery from addiction

Amethyst crystal healing to assist

  • Arthritis
  • Brain illness
  • Bad habits
  • Sleep
  • Sobriety
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Stress
  • Worry

Amethyst crystal correspondences

  • Astrological signs of Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo
  • Third eye and crown chakras
  • Vibrates to the number 3

    Black Onyx crystal meaning 

    Onyx can come in a variety of colours, but black is the most commonly used for jewellery. It is a powerful and proud stone which can help you to process and move past grief. While Black Onyx can shoulder great heaviness, it ultimately encourages you to consider what makes you sad, to persevere through pain and to banish unhappiness. 

    Black Onyx can be used to release unhealthy attachments to people from your past, or from playing over situations from the past that are complete and cannot be changed. It will help you to feel grounded, but ready to face whatever the future will bring. 

    Black Onyx crystal uses

    • Alignment with higher powers
    • Assists with making a decision
    • Combats worry and confusion
    • Establishes balance
    • Grounding
    • Protection from negativity
    • Strength and stamina

    Black Onyx crystal healing to assist

    • Bone marrow
    • Feet problems
    • Self-control
    • Soft tissue
    • Stress

    Black Onyx crystal correspondences

    • Astrological sign of Leo
    • Root chakra
    • Vibrates to the number 6

      Lapis Lazuli crystal meaning

      Named from the Latin for “blue stone”, Lapis Lazuli was worn in decorative armbands and amulets by the ancient Egyptians. The deep blue colour is said to represent the evening sky and heavens; it often appears with golden flecks which are said to be the stars. Lapis Lazuli works to protect the wearer from both physical and psychic dangers and to help them to travel safely.

       Lapis Lazuli is a stone for leaders; it helps those in powerful positions to act with integrity and truth. It gives leaders confidence in their ability and the skill to engage, motivate and inspire others. It is a stone to assist with communication and decision making.

      Lapis Lazuli crystal uses

      • Assists students
      • Brings insight to concerns of the physical and emotional body
      • Create feelings of calm and serenity
      • Enhances psychic awareness
      • Enables leadership 
      • Helps to form friendships
      • Improves relationships

      Lapis Lazuli crystal healing to assist

      • Insight in to concerns of physical body
      • Bone marrow diseases
      • Immune system
      • Insomnia
      • Hearing loss
      • Recall and memory

      Lapis Lazuli crystal correspondences

      • Astrological signs of Pisces and Sagittarius
      • Third eye and throat chakras
      • Vibrates to the number 3

        Tiger’s Eye crystal meaning

        This earthy coloured stone brings together the sand and the sun in perfect unison. It is a bright and cheery stone that is often used to help people get rid of the ‘blues’ that are associated with depression and grief. It helps the wearer to feel empowered to handle challenges and face difficulties head-on. It is a grounding stone that brings you strength and, enabling you to act with purpose and courage. 

        Tiger’s Eye brings practicality and common sense; it can help you wearer make a decision with clarity and authenticity. It is said to help you build connections with spirit guides that can assist the truth to be revealed.

        Tiger’s Eye crystal uses

        • Balance
        • Completion of the task at hand
        • Promotes confidence and optimism
        • Invites in wealth
        • Staying calm during confrontation

        Tiger’s Eye crystal healing to assist

        • Courage
        • Integration of the right and left brains
        • Nightmares 
        • Reproductive issues
        • Willpower
        • Throat problems

        Tiger’s Eye crystal correspondences

        • Astrological sign of Capricorn
        • Base and sacral chakras
        • Vibrates to the number 2 and 4

          Malachite crystal meaning

          Malachite can help heal bruises and injury of both the physical and emotional kind. It promotes deep healing on all levels. Its power can penetrate to your very core, helping you to release any resentment, pain or anger that has been carried. Malachite offers protection from injury to the body, but also protection from negative energies. It can be used to ward of danger and illness.  It is useful to wear it working with technological equipment, and is also associated with communication and the sharing of knowledge. 

          Malachite is considered to be particularly useful for children; it is soothing and calming. It can even help them to sleep well and wake up fully refreshed. 

          Malachite crystal uses

          • Releases negativity
          • Promotes fidelity
          • Completion of goals

          Malachite crystal healing to assist

          • Asthma
          • Arthritis
          • Bone injuries
          • Cuts and wounds
          • Immune system diseases
          • Joint pain 
          • Release of pain and grief
          • Sadness
          • Tooth and gum problems
          • Vertigo

          Malachite crystal correspondences

          • Astrological signs of Capricorn and Scorpio 
          • Solar plexus and heart chakras
          • Vibrates to the number 7

            Green Jade crystal meaning

            Jade has been revered by cultures and civilizations all around the world. In ancient Egypt, Jade was placed with the dead to symbolism their acquisition of a new heart. When you wear Green Jade, you will feel an increase in confidence, and be reminded that you have the skills and ability to tackle whatever life throws at you. It will help you make wise choices, and to focus your energies in the right way.  Green Jade helps you to achieve balance in the everyday, and can bring healing into all areas of your life. It will bring you optimism, creativity and wholeness and help you to feel protected and nurtured.

            Green Jade crystal uses

              • Abundance
              • Aids dream work
          • Inner harmony
            • Increases vitality
            • Friendship
            • Good fortune
            • Positive thinking

            Green Jade crystal healing to assist

            • Absorption of nutrients
            • Diabetes
            • Draws out toxins
            • Cellular disorders
            • Hair and skin health
            • Supports the heart
            • Strengthens the immune system

            Green Jade crystal correspondences

            • Astrological signs of Aries, Gemini, Libra and Taurus 
            • Solar plexus and heart chakras
            • Vibrates to the number 11

            Red Coral crystal meaning

            Red Coral helps bring vitality back to life. If you are feeling depressed or are lacking motivation, Red Coral will help you to feel invigorated and inspired. You can use Red Coral to help you find stimulation in your work or make progress with a hobby. Red Coral can help you positivity in your relationships, especially with members of your family, helping you to forgive and move past any hurts. It can help you heal your heart. It encourages personal and professional growth, and will help you to succeed in business and study.

            Red Coral crystal uses

            • Avoiding conflicts
            • Banishing sadness
            • Feeling energized
            • Love
            • Overcoming fear

            Red Coral crystal healing to assist

            • Colic
            • Circulatory system
            • Depression
            • Hiccups and heartburn
            • Reproductive health 
            • Sexual function

            Red Coral crystal correspondences

            • Astrological sign of Pisces 
            • Base chakra
            • Vibrates to the number 4

            Carnelian crystal meaning

            Carnelian is a powerful stone than can help you achieve your goals and live your best life. It will increase your feelings of capability and motivation, stimulating to bring your dreams into reality. It brings energy to the self but also compassion for others. Carnelian can help you feel more connected with those around you, helping you to live in the present and be aware of how others are feeling.

            People who wear carnelian describe how it brings them new warmth and helps restore passion and vigor to life. When you want to see positive changes in life, choose Carnelian for encouragement and the stamina to rise to new challenges.  

            Carnelian crystal uses

            • Addressing apathy
            • Banishing rage, fear and sorrow
            • Boosts energy
            • Cleansing other stones
            • Focus and clarity
            • Visualisation
            • Transformation

            Carnelian crystal healing to assist

            • Allergies
            • Blood disorders
            • Colds and flu
            • Cuts and wounds
            • Disorders of the spleen
            • Fertility
            • Gall and kidney stones
            • Pancreatic illness 

            Carnelian crystal correspondences

            • Astrological sign of Cancer, Taurus and Leo  
            • Sacral chakra
            • Vibrates to the number 5 and 6

              Moonstone crystal meaning

              Moonstone can form in a many colours and varieties, with rainbow flashes or lemon yellow, bright green or electric blue sparkles. There is always a milky, translucent sheen present in moonstone. Each moonstone relates to the divine feminine. Every month the moon waxes and wanes through a perfect cycle and so moonstones remind us of the ups and downs, and ebb and flow of life. 

              The moonstone is also symbolic of mothering and creativity- of becoming pregnant with new energies and giving birth to new ideas and opportunities. Wearing moonstone will invite changes and growth into your life. It is useful if you are embarking on new business ideas or ventures, if you wish to adopt new attitudes or are starting rituals that bring a new direction to life. Moonstone also helps you  to connect to the spiritual world and reminds you to trust your intuition.

              Rainbow Moonstone crystal meaning

              Rainbow moonstone has a particular and unique composition, with flashes of colour similar to what is seen in labradorite. Rainbow moonstone has a particular association with the astrological sign of Cancer. Of all of the astrological signs, it is Cancer that feels emotions the most deeply. Rainbow moonstone can help Cancerian people manage their big emotions and balance their gentle and loving nature.  

              Moonstone crystal uses

              • Being open to receive love and intimacy
              • Creativity
              • Dealing with change
              • Emotional pain
              • Good fortune
              • Forming dreams and the birthing of new ideas and powers 
              • Recognising the nature rhythms of life 

              Moonstone crystal healing to assist

              • Childbirth
              • Fertility
              • Digestive system
              • Healing bites and stings
              • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
              • Sadness 
              • Women’s health matters

              Moonstone crystal correspondences

              • Astrological signs of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio
              • Sacral, heart and crown chakras
              • Vibrates to the number 4

                Pearl crystal meaning

                The milky, shiny pearl is associated with female energies and systems. Each pearl is formed, nurtured and grown within a mother oyster and is a perfect representation of purity and innocence. They are faithful and charitable crystals, which will help you to speak your own truth. Pearls also support you to be loving, gracious and kind, and to be gentle with yourself and others. When given as a gift, pearls can represent the loyalty between two people.

                Pearl jewellery is a special gift for family members, and is often worn on special family occasions such as at weddings, christenings and birthdays. They are symbolic of the bonds between family members and help us to maintain traditions within the family.

                Pearl crystal uses

                • Abundance
                • Attracting luck and wealth
                • Authenticity
                • Balance
                • Enhancing family relationships
                • Femininity
                • Wisdom through experience

                Pearl crystal healing to assist

                • Bloating
                • Childbirth
                • Clarity of thought 
                • Digestive disorders
                • Fertility
                • Skin problems, scarring and acne
                • Soft tissue and organs

                Pearl crystal correspondences

                • Astrological signs of Cancer and Gemini  
                • Root chakra
                • Vibrates to the number  7

                  Mother of Pearl crystal meaning

                  Pearl and mother of pearl are not the same material and they look quite different. Mother of pearl is the coating of nacre that forms on the outer layer around a pearl. It tends to have a grey-blue, sometimes blue-green sheen. However, it does have the same unmistakable shine as a pearl. Both pearl and mother of pearl are natural and organic gifts from our beautiful oceans. Mother of pearl jewellery makes a wonderful gift for a mother or mother figure in your life. 

                  While pearls tend to calm nervous energy, mother of pearl is a more energetic material and will help you to feel vital and alive, invigorated and optimistic. It also brings good luck and good fortune.

                  Mother of Pearl crystal uses

                  • Attracting wealth
                  • Increasing confidence
                  • Freedom
                  • Promotes empathy and understanding
                  • Protection 
                  • Relaxation
                  • Turning bad luck around

                  Mother of Pearl crystal healing to assist

                    • Digestive disorders
                    • Dizziness 
                    • Fertility
                    • Female reproductive issues
                    • Fluid imbalances and retention
                    • Nausea 
                    • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
                    • Vertigo

                  Mother of Pearl crystal correspondences

                  • Astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
                  • Solar plexus and throat chakras
                  • Vibrates to the number  7

                    Rose Quartz crystal meaning

                    There is so much love in every piece of Rose Quartz! When you wear Rose Quartz you will likely be filled with kindness towards others, even those who have caused you pain. It reminds you to be forgiving of past mistakes. Rose Quartz can help you realise the interconnectedness of all things and all beings, and to treat others and ourselves gently. 

                    Wearing rose quartz can help ease the pain of a broken heart, or invite love into your life if you are single. 

                    Rose quartz will allow you to nurture the inner child, and to listen to the wisdom of your heart. Because it is so gentle, it is particularly suitable for children, and can help ease bad dreams and prevent nightmares in both children and adults.

                    Rose Quartz crystal uses

                    • Dealing with desire
                    • Forgiveness
                    • Overcoming abuse
                    • Patience 
                    • Peace
                    • Self-love
                    • Sleep problems
                    • Support during separation or divorce
                    • Unconditional love

                    Rose Quartz crystal healing to assist

                    • Adrenal disorders
                    • Burns
                    • Heart disorders
                    • Lung disorders
                    • Nightmares
                    • Skin problems
                    • Sleep problems
                    • Vertigo

                    Rose Quartz crystal correspondences

                    • Astrological signs of Taurus and Libra
                    • Heart chakra, but assists energy flow through all chakras
                    • Vibrates to the number 7

                      Onyx crystal meaning

                      The deep, shiny onyx stone is one of the most powerful and protective of all of the black crystals. Black crystals are often used for strength, guidance and protection. Onyx will empower you to stand your ground, face your weaknesses and be able to visualise your positive future. Wearing onyx jewellery every day will help you to concentrate on what lies ahead, and help you to see the truth. You will feel that your inner power is reinforced and amplified. 

                      Onyx crystal uses

                      • Alleviating worry and fear
                      • Confidence in the face of adversity
                      • Empowerment 
                      • Getting rid of grief
                      • Good fortune
                      • Resilience
                      • Self-belief
                      • Self-control

                      Onyx crystal healing to assist

                        • Bone marrow
                        • Bowel problems
                        • Feet
                        • Headaches
                    • Soft tissue injuries
                    • Onyx crystal correspondences 

                      • Astrological signs of Leo
                      • Root chakra 
                      • Vibrates to the number 6

                      Red Onyx crystal meaning

                      Onyx is most commonly formed in black, and while red onyx is less common, it is no less powerful. Red onyx is a particularly passionate crystal, which can both help you to ignite, or support you to control your passionate impulses. Red Onyx helps the wearer to recognise desire, fuel attractions and feel confident during moments of intimacy. Wearing Red onyx will enable you to express love more easily and give your confidence a boost. 

                      It is useful to wear Red Onyx when you are having difficulties in your relationship because it will prompt you to reconnect with your loved one, and have the confidence to express your true feelings and needs. It will bring inner self guidance and help you to recognise your strengths. 

                      Red Onyx crystal uses

                        • Bravery
                        • Breaking from routine
                    • Confidence
                    • Passion
                    • Romance
                      • Taking action
                      • Resolving irritability

                      Red Onyx crystal healing to assist

                        • Legs and feet pain
                        • Menstrual issues
                    • Soft tissue injuries
                      • Teeth and jaw problems
                      • Thrush

                      Red Onyx correspondences

                      • Astrological signs of Leo, Sagittarius and Aries
                      • Base chakra
                      • Vibrates to the number 6

                        Topaz crystal meaning

                        Topaz comes in a variety of colours but common to all variations is the ability of topaz to help you see the bigger picture. Topaz brings you into alignment with your life’s purpose and will aid in the manifestation of your goals and dreams. 

                        There is a wonderful clarity to topaz- it helps you to understand things as they really are and to bring clarity of thought. Topaz will enable you to express yourself clearly and facilitate connection to your spirit guides. It is also a joyful crystal that calms and soothes the heart and brings a deep sense of gratitude to life. You will light up the room when wearing topaz jewellery.

                        Topaz crystal uses

                        • Abundance
                        • Clarity of thought
                        • Connection to the higher self
                        • Gratitude
                        • Honesty
                        • Replacing negativity with joy
                        • Trust issues

                        Topaz crystal healing to assist

                        • Digestive issues
                        • Fibromyalgia
                        • Overall wellbeing
                        • Sense of taste
                        • Skin issues
                        • Spiritual awakening and healing

                        Topaz crystal correspondences

                        • Astrological sign of Sagittarius
                        • Crown chakra
                        • Vibrates to the number 6

                          Sandstone crystal meaning

                          Sand is gritty and sometimes abrasive material and sandstone helps us to get rid of what is bothering and irritating us. Sandstone will help you to see the truth and recognise when someone is being deceitful. It reveals what is hidden, helping you see even the smallest act of dishonesty. It will lift tension and help brighten dark moods.

                          It can help you to concentrate and focus you mind, and for this reason is useful to wear during meditation or at times when deep thought is required.

                          Sandstone crystal uses

                          • Addressing temper tantrums
                          • Building connections between people
                          • Diffusing conflict 
                          • Focus during meditation
                          • Group formation and group work
                          • Improving relationships
                          • Receiving messages from angels, spirits and guides

                          Sandstone crystal healing to assist

                          • Broken bones
                          • Depression and bad mood
                          • Sight and degenerative conditions of the eyes
                          • Strengthens hair and nails 
                          • Water retention
                          • Wound healing

                          Sandstone crystal correspondences

                          • Astrological signs of Gemini 
                          • Sacral chakra
                          • Vibrates to the number 3 

                            Turquoise crystal meaning

                            Beautiful turquoise is a merging of the energies of Father Sky and Mother Earth. It is said to have the magical property of reflecting the state and mood of the person wearing it, and indeed it does seem to change from light to dark depending on where and how it is worn. It is a stone of wisdom, helping you to tap into the knowledge of your ancestors and guides.

                            Turquoise also symbolises truth. It is useful to wear it when you are being unfairly blamed or bullied because it will help people to see error of their ways. You will feel empowered to be your authentic and true self when wearing turquoise. It will allow you to reclaim your confidence and feel free from the expectations of others. 

                             Turquoise crystal uses

                            • Creating a sense of calm
                            • Creativity
                            • Facing fears and worries
                            • Good luck
                            • Jetlag
                            • Justice

                            Turquoise crystal healing to assist

                            • Arthritis
                            • Balance problems 
                            • Brain injury and illness
                            • Eyes, ears, nose and throat disorders
                            • Migraines and headaches
                            • Rheumatism

                            Turquoise crystal correspondences

                            • Astrological signs of Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio  
                            • Throat, heart and sacral chakra
                            • Vibrates to the number 1